How to launch the Firefox browser using puppeteer?

By Gulshan Saini
Published in Puppeteer
July 05, 2020
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Puppeteer is the NodeJs library that provides API to automate browsers. Puppeteer can be configured to run in headless and GUI mode.

In v3.0.0 puppeteer added experimental support for Firefox browser.

By default, puppeteer runs in headless mode using the Chromium browser. However, in the launch options you can pass {product: 'firefox'} to launch the Firefox browser.

Let’s see step by step process

Prerequisite Node 10.18.1+

Create a new project

Navigate to the desired directory and run below command to create a fresh project

Install Puppeteer and Firefox nightly binary build

This is an important step and the one you might run into issues in case you are working on an existing project. Delete node_modules directory if it already exists as the Firefox build is not downloaded if the puppeteer package already exists in node_modules.

If you are following along and created a fresh project then nothing to worry and you can directly execute below command.

PUPPETEER_PRODUCT=firefox tell puppeteer to download the latest Firefox Nightly binary for you instead of Chromium binary.

Once the installation is successful you can confirm the same using below command on the terminal in the current working directory.

firefox binary puppeteer node modules
firefox binary puppeteer node modules

Boilerplate code

We will be using the below code as a starting point, borrowed from the previous tutorial. I have commented each line to make it easier for anybody who just started with Puppeteer.

Launching Firefox browser using Puppeteer

To launch the Firefox browser, we can pass the option product: 'firefox' and headless: false in launch options object argument as follows

You can even display the firefox browser logs on the terminal by defining option dumpio: true.

Final code & Test

Below is the final code.

To run the code, open a terminal window and navigate to project directory and type following command


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